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Private fee guide

Examination of new patients excluding X-rays £30.00
Routine Examination £30.00
Emergency Consultation £25.00
Small X-ray from £10.00
Hygienist Treatment (30mins) £55.00


Metal Small £75.00
Metal Medium £80.00
Metal Large £85.00
Pin Retention £15.00
Composite (White filling) multiple surfaces £75.00

Root Fillings (prices inclusive of all necessary X-rays):

Root Canal Treatment From £340.00
Molars £400.00

Crown & Bridges (prices quoted per unit):

Porcelain Jacket Crown from £415.00
Porcelain bonded to gold Crown £400.00
Veneer £400.00
Pin Core £70.00
Post Core £70.00
Re-cement Crown £45.00
Bridges POA


Upper or Lower Acrylic full denture £600.00
Partial Acrylic denture £600.00
Chrome Cobalt denture £750.00
Denture repair £80.00
Tooth addition on to existing denture (per tooth) £80.00
Relining of existing denture £80.00


Extraction of one tooth From £80.00
Suture removal £15.00


Mouth guard £80.00
Night guard £200.00
Invisalign From £2500 to £4000

N.B: Price list is from May 2021 and is subject to change.

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